How To Run A Karaoke Contest

Woman SingingKaraoke contests are really big nowadays, but there are some drawbacks to consider. I personally don’t like the idea of running contests because in the end at least one customer walks away feeling hurt which can lead to people bad mouthing your business.

To illustrate my point let’s say you have been hosting a weekly karaoke show at XYZ bar and the owner(s) approach you and want to run a contest. Before we get into that lets look at the bigger picture….

You host the weekly karaoke shows and have built a pretty good following up to this point. You have your regulars that come visit your show week in/week out and they drop a some cash in the bar, that helps pay for your karaoke show. The general attitude towards you and the bar are great and people are happy.

So you let everyone know you are going to do a karaoke contest and the prize is a a dollar amount. (It doesn’t really matter what the prize is but let’s say $500.)

The first thing that happens is the excitement builds. The customers get excited because they start picturing what they can do with that $500. Word of mouth begins to spread and really good singers that you have never seen in the establishment come in for the night of the contest.

The contest begins…be it several weeks, one night, it doesn’t matter pick a format.

The singers begin competing and the bar agrees to provide the judges. If the judges are anyone that is associated with the bar (manager, owner, wait staff, bartenders, etc..), your potential new customers (the really good singers that are visiting for the first time) immediately think the contest is rigged. You need to think about the qualifications of the judges. Do they have any experience judging singing competitions? If so, what qualifies them? Are they a retired professional singer, have had formal singing training, etc…  I have witnessed numerous contests run this way. The judges have no business being a judge, and in the end it is more than likely one of the bar regulars will be chosen the winner.
Those new singers feel cheated and leave with a bad taste in their mouth. Your company hosted the competition and because you were associated with the bar…. those same singers begin to bad mouth you to the local karaoke community. You have just become labeled a homer.

Now let’s say you bring in judges that have nothing to do with the bar….Lead Singers from a Band, Radio personalities, Local Celebrities, etc…

The first question that runs through your contestants minds, again are what qualifications do these judges have, and how are they qualified to judge a singing competition. You cross that hurdle and maybe the judges get up and perform during breaks and keep the crowd entertained. So everything appears to be going great. Except, as the night continues and you have singers that just want to sing karaoke, but can’t because you are running a contest.

You have to have some kind of elimination round to get to your final contestants, all the while you will have to listen to other singers complain about how so and so doesn’t deserve to be there because they aren’t the best singer, etc…

Request Your Song Online Karaoke Request SystemSo you get to the end of the competition and it comes down between a new karaoke singer that has never been to the XYZ Bar before, He/She could get a record deal today if Recording Agents were there. You may have seen this type of singer at some of the shows you have been to….

Anyway, they are up against a regular customer from the bar that is “King/Queen karaoke singer of XYZ bar” They have a good voice but it is obvious they are nowhere near as good as the other contestant.

So the question comes down to who wins…. If I keep it fair and choose the best singer, which makes the regular singer mad. There is a high possibility they storm out of the place with their friends and cost the owner some business which then puts my weekly karaoke job in jeopardy.


Do I choose my regular and make the other singer mad, who now feels cheated and then face the backlash and being labeled as someone who only caters to favorites?

Either way it is a losing position to be in. It is the biggest reason I try to stay away from contests.
However, there are times when a contest is okay. If you are in a new place and trying to build business for the bar then a contest might not be a bad idea, but if you are well established in a venue steer clear.

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~ kman – What are your thoughts?

What kind of equipment should I buy?

by Dj Jaime

Home page


The best you can afford!

The sound is one of the 3 things that makes a great karaoke show. If you can’t hook up your home stereo and DVD player, just give up now. You need to be good at this, or there’s no point!B-52 matrix mobile dj speakers

Speakers. I used to own nothing but JBL. Now I am using B-52 three-ways. Samson, Mackie, Black Widow, Cerwin Vega, Bose, they all make some nice stuff too, there are lots of great speakers out there, but these are the ones I personally recommend.

JRX112 or JRX115 Speakers good for small rooms.
B-52 SL-315 for medium sized rooms, your average bar.
M-Pro for larger venues, outside venues.
Eon G2 powered speakers for small to medium rooms, with built in amp!


I use the QSC 3402.
I have used and trust the Crown CE2000
The Crown XLS602 is a pretty solid amp


Denon. I love the Denon DNX500. This is my main mixer.
Denon DNX 500 mixer

Rane MLM 42 is what I use for my microphone mixing.
Rane MP 44 Club Mixer. If I could afford it, this is what I would have.


Behringer Virtualizer Pro – I like it a lot.
A lot of people swear by the miniverb.


I like the Shure Mics. They are relatively inexpensive, an SM58 is perfect for a show, it is directional, meaning you have to sing in to the top of the mic. That helps reduce feedback.
I used to run Gemini Wireless mics, but they discontinued the model I liked, and the replacement crackles when someone gets too loud.
I now Use the VocoPro 4 set of wireless mics, which is cheap, but does the job.
I also have a Shure PGX2 With an SM58 head on it. This was very expensive, so I only let sober people I know are responsible use this mic.VocoPro 5800 Wireless Mics
When buying wireless mics, always go with UHF, never ever VHF!
If I could afford it, I would get all my mics from Sennheiser.


Monster makes a decent cable, HOSA did too. The real reason you buy these two brands is that if you are fortunate enough to have a Guitar Center or even a Sam Ash around you, you can take a defective cable in, and walk out with a warranty replacement free!
I really like Columbia DJ supply Which is now at They are more and more becoming my source for cables. Ask for Bobby.

CD/CDG/MP3 players

The industry standard is the JVC (or RSQ knock off) 3 drawer CDG player.
I use a Numark CD25G dual player. It works better for me. Allows you to mix using CDs as well as karaoke. Numark CDN25+G Dual Karaoke PlayerThis is not a top of the line unit, but it is functional. You have to learn about pitch to change the key, since there is not a standard step-down pitch control, but a slider.
VocoPro makes a lot of karaoke players, my experience with the one wasting away in my closet is that it is too slow to load a disk.
If you plan on DJing a lot, the Denon Dual Cd players are awesome, though they don’t play karaoke (yet), there are several models that play mp3 disks as well as standard CD’s. I almost always used one of these in the strip clubs.
There are lots of MP3 smart media players out there, Soem have their own internal hard drives, some connect using USB, it gets crazy. Since I already have the computer for karaoke, I run my DJ music on the computer as well. If you are thinking of getting a smart media player, make sure you can try it out first, as they are expensive, and can be complicated to use.

The Computer!

This isn’t a simple list. I built my own computer, using an Intel CPU, and motherboard. You will have to do what is best for you. I do have some recommendations though.

Use separate hard drives for your operating system, karaoke collection, and DJ music.
Get a Sound Card that supports multiple stereo outputs, like M-Audio, or Echo Audio.
I stay away from the surround sound cards that say they can be used for multi stereo outs, like Creative Labs. I have never made them work, but you feel free to try.
Don’t forget a video card with an S-Video out for lyrics monitor.

by Dj Jaime

Home page


Thanks Dj Jamie.

Editors note;  My first karaoke speakers included a pair of  rebuilt JBL 15″ 500 Watt Woofers I got off of Craig’s list for $150. Still got them too. They work great!hp_pavilion_dv6_920687_g5

My choice of computer is the HP Pavilion dv6. I’ve had it 4 years and I am very pleased with it. It is very fast, reliable, holds over 35,000 songs and my dj programs, plus all my website materials as well. If you would like to know more about ‘my’ setup, drop me a comment.



How much does it cost to start?

Well. I have at least $13,000 in equipment alone, that I actively use. I have probably got another $5,000 worth that will go on eBay someday….

But you asked what it costs to start. I first started with a budget of $2,500 for my first system. I spent $5,000 before I had my first gig.Dollar Sign 9

That was just on hardware.

The expense of music is enormous. Plan on spending $20 to $50 grand before you’re done.

So, how was your nap?  Did you not pass out?

If you want to have a collection encompassing all of the music ever made for karaoke, and to DJ, that’s what I would bank on.

If you look on Craigslist and eBay, there are always people selling hard drives full of music and karaoke. This is illegal. You’ve been warned.

Now, if you don’t want to DJ, we can cut a huge chunk out of your costs right there, now can’t we? You can also save money by buying collections on eBay, when people are getting rid of entire collections. You end up buying the same stuff over and over, and putting the duplicates back on eBay.

You also will want to subscribe to Top Hits Monthly (or Pop Hits Monthly, same thing) for all the new stuff that comes out every month. Top Hits Monthly can also be found in your local karaoke store. Promo Only is a service that does the same thing for DJ’s. You can find them all online.Top Hits Monthly

Still, count on at least $5,000 to $10,000 for a complete karaoke collection. You can try to pear that down by only going with one manufacturer, like Sound Choice, and getting every disk they ever made. If you order them all at once, you MIGHT be able to convince your supplier to give you a deal.

Update: Sound Choice Now has a licensing deal where for approximately 4 thousand dollars, you can license 6000 songs for 4 years, and renew for about $100 a year. I don’t like the deal, but for someone starting out, it might make life easy.

by Dj Jaime


*Editors note; This is a commercial reprint and not necessarily the opinion of the editor, who started his first karaoke business successfully on less than $2500, music included (legally).


How much can I make?

Well that depends on a number of things.

The area you are in. Bigger the city, the more it costs to live there, the more you can ask for.parties
How good you are. How big your “following” is.
What night of the week is it?
Private Party or Recurring Bar gig? Recurring Gigs pay less, but at least you think they will always be there. Private Parties pay premiums!

You need to ask around, find out how much local hosts get paid. In Ft. Lauderdale, most hosts are working for $150 to $200 per night in bars, and charge $100 to $125 per hour for private parties.

In smaller communities, you may start at $75 or $100 a night for the bars, and not find anyone able to pay more than $50 an hour for private parties.

...26 imagesBe prepared! When someone asks you how much you charge for a private party, be ready to try to figure out how much you can get out of them, explain you have some questions;
Number of people attending
How many hours
Location (this is good if you know the rich neighborhoods, or really bad ones, you raise the rate. Rich people expect more, dangerous neighborhoods won’t bother to hire you if you cost too much).
You may need to charge extra if you have to go up stairs (assistant),
Provide your own tent for outdoor parties (it’s either sunny, and too hot for your equipment, or might rain on your equipment)
Wedding, well, you shouldn’t be doing weddings if you need to read this. Weddings require huge amounts of work before the gig, you can’t wing it.

Research. You can check out the bar on the night you want to play there, get a feel for their current crowd, how much theyKaraoke_Cactus charge for a drink, all the things that go into how much you can get out of a bar. You may need to take a lower amount to start, explaining before hand that when things pick up, you will expect a raise.
If on the spot they ask for a price, be honest, you have a different pricing structure based on night of the week, size of the bar. Explain you may have to bring bigger speakers or something, and that you would really like to see the bar first, before quoting a price, but your usual range is $$$ to $$$. Go low and high, so they aren’t scared off.

I’ve heard stories of KJ’s in big cities, like NY and Orlando who make 3 or 4 hundred a night at bars, or even more. If you hear of the name of the bar, please email it to Hehehe.

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How do I run a rotation?

Carefully. Very Carefully.

Nothing ticks off karaoke regulars like thinking or feeling they are getting screwed out of their turn at singing. I use a ...21 imagesmodified version of the sign-up rotation method described by Steve Hess at under “fun stuff “. (Don’t forget to list any new show you get at this website as well!)

The sign-up method works like this. You have a sheet of paper. Singers are allowed to put only one song on the page. As soon as they sing that song (or right before they sing it), they may put another one on.

This sounds simple, but there are some subtle yet very good advantages to this method.

For starters, no one can accuse you of cheating them out of their turn.
...27 imagesIt prevents people from “hoarding” all their favorite songs by giving you more than one at a time.
If someone doesn’t want to sing anymore, they just stop putting their name/song down.
There is no longer a rotation with a beginning and end. The list can change, and people will go in different orders if they don’t sign up in the same order.

There are some disadvantages as well.

If you like to play favorites, you simply can’t. You shouldn’t be playing favorites, but there are a few times *I* let people skip ahead of the rotation,

People who spend a lot of money at the bar.
People who pay to get moved ahead
Underage singers, who have to leave before the bar’s cutoff time for minors. (usually not a problem, because it’s usually near the beginning of the show)

There is one firefighter who comes to my shows, and every once in a while he buys 40 (yes, forty) shots, and treats the bar, or a big portion of it, to a free drink. He gets to sing right after that, or two in a row, or whatever he wants. (only on those nights he buys the shots though)

Basically, I use the signup method described above, but ...21a imagesinstead of making people put their own name on a sheet, and try to decipher their writing, I just do it myself on my computer. Open a text file, put the names on, and when a new singer asks for a song, put their name ABOVE the current singer. Then continue DOWN the list. Everyone has to wait one rotation.

If you just add names to the bottom, then people who walk in near the beginning of the rotation wait and wait, and people who walk in near the end will magically get to sing almost immediately. That’s not fair. If you try to work new people in every other singer, the people who have been there all night SUPPORTING YOU FOR HOURS will have to wait longer than new people. That’s not fair. If you have people come in at the end of the night, because they just got out of work, or left another show, and you let them sing, you just made their one drink before closing time worth more than the ten drinks the people who were there all night had less meaningful.

Karaoke-CatsNo matter what you do, someone will be pissed off, and you can never make everyone happy. Do your best, and be sure not to play favorites. And for god’s sake, don’t sing more than anyone else.

I have an additional rule about rotation. If a singer wants to help their friend, that’s fine. But you can only sing twice per rotation. That means if you sing a duet with your brother, and help your best friend sing their song, I will skip YOUR song. Someone wants to see you on stage more than twice per rotation. But not as much as they want to see themselves.

If it is obvious if one person is only singing to “double-up” someone’s chances to sing, I’ll ask them if they think it is fair to everyone else.

author unknown



How do I get gigs?

Standard advertising

Yellow pages, newspapers, local music magazine. These may or may not work.

The Internet!

There are dozens of web sites dedicated to taking your money in return for adding you to their humongous list of other DJ’s and KJ’s. I think they are all run by one guy, who uses keywords to make one go high on the search engine lists, then four months later purposely tanks the keywords, stops paying for placement, and starts a new list, which is magically at the top of the search engines lists! You join up on the new one, with a new fee, of course.
Do searches for things like “karaoke nassau county” or “karaoke Atlanta” to see local results. Try to advertise in the top city guides or lists.Bakersfield Karaoke #3
Your own websites may work a little better if you are a skilled webmaster and know the in and outs of the internet.

Bars or Restaurants

Footwork. Yep, get yer ass out on the street, print out some business cards, and give them to the owners and managers of every bar everywhere. Then pray.

Bak Kar buss card #2 147X261Tell everyone you know, or meet, what you do. Other DJ’s, Bands, waitresses, bus-drivers, work it in to every conversation with a stranger, and you never know, the person at the next table may just know (or be) the owner of a bar. Because that person may be a bar owner, don’t give away pricing secrets or any kind of leverage, in your conversations.

Unanimous Contribution


Editor Note:  I’ve tried all the above.  My best response comes from – you got it, my internet blogs and home town karaoke location search internet blog site. Plus I started a local facebook karaoke site named ‘Bakersfield Karaoke Klub’ (Club was taken by a mid west Japanese restaurant)  which now has over 300 members. The trick was to get the local djs to advertise their gigs on it and after that it took off. I occasionally plug my blogs there too. That brings a steady steam of local calls.

~ kman – Editor


I Used to Work in a Karaoke Bar

I used to work in a karaoke bar. I know that’s not a sentence that most people get to say. It’s not really a sentence that many people WANT to say either, but I think of it as unique. I can say for certain that working in a karaoke bar was a special job that was filled with interesting experiences. Some of these cac1.thumbnailexperiences were bad, others were horrible, but all of them were memorable. To this day I’m glad that I worked at this karaoke bar as it got me through college and it’s where I met my first girlfriend. I also came to hate many songs as they were ruined by people with no singing ability, but we’ll get back to that later.

The karaoke bar I worked at was more of a restaurant than a bar. They served a full menu and the music and singing didn’t start until 9pm in the evening. There was a dance floor in the middle of the restaurant, and the main stage was right in front of it. It was a pretty elaborate setup as the elevated stage was highlighted by spotlights, and the singers were accentuated with lights and lasers. They would even throw on the smoke machine for special occasions, especially during Christmas which was always a bit odd. The karaoke machine that powered the whole show was state of the art, and there were big screen TVs that showed the lyrics to everyone in the audience. As soon as people entered the restaurant they were given food menus along with a song book from which they selected which songs they wanted to sing. Each song had a corresponding number which the customers wrote down on a piece of paper which was then handed over to the waiters, who would then give them to the karaoke DJ. Needless to say if you were rude then there was a good chance your request sheet would get lost on its way up to the DJ.

I learned quite a few things from working in this karaoke bar. For one, there are people who take karaoke very seriously. They clearly practice at home on personal karaoke system and they jump at the chance to sing in front of an audience. And for the most part they have the talent to back boston_karaoke_champs_062609up their enthusiasm as they have some undeniable singing ability. But for one reason or another it’s clear they will never be “stars” so to speak, although you can often tell that’s what they desperately want. So you can tell that coming to the local karaoke bar is very important to them since it’s the closest they’ll probably come to being a celebrity. The great thing is that most of these people are realistic so they aren’t bitter, angry, or delusional. They have jobs and an outside life, and consider karaoke as a hobby that they truly love. They don’t get caught up in an impossible dream and just appreciate the chance to sing for other people. I guess there are some people who have unrealistic expectation like the failed contestants you see on American Idol, but for the most part they are somewhere else – not hanging out at a karaoke bar.

Now onto the bad singers, which you are probably most interested in. Yes, there were bad signers, lots of bad singers. Some of my favourite songs like Van Morrison’s “Brown Eyed Girl” have been butchered to death by karaoke singers. In the end you learn to take it stride because if you do anything otherwise you could literally go insane. And the weird thing about karaoke is that only a few songs ever get sung regularly. So even if a song book has over hundred choices in it, maybe only five of those songs get the most of the attention. So that means you hear the same songs over and over again, by artists who are long since dead. Occasionally you hear a more up to date song but that’s usually when a drunken college student gets up, and they proceed to do a worse job than the sober singers. After a while you learn to tune it all out and you truly appreciate it when someone picks a new song and does a great job at it.

So if there’s anything you learn form this post about going to a karaoke bar, let it be that you should try to choose a song that is unique. And really be careful about your song choice because what might be unique to you really isn’t all that different. So pick a good song that you don’t think many people sing. Now make a second choice. There, that second choice is probably more likely to be something that hasn’t been sung to death. So give it your best shot and at least you can be assured that the staff at that karaoke bar are all glad you’re trying something different. You can also read on for some embarrassing karaoke stories.


How to Hire a Karaoke DJ for a Wedding

Music can make ...5c weddingor break a wedding reception. Picking out the DJ that is right for you is key in setting the tone and the mood for your guests to party the night away. By hiring a karaoke DJ you will have both great music and entertainment for all to remember and enjoy.

Things You’ll Need

  • Internet
  • Phone Book
  • Song List

Instructions on:
How to Hire a Karaoke DJ for a Wedding

1)  Sit down with recently married friends and/or co-workers and ask for DJ recommendations. Ask them to give a review of the DJ’s cost, performance, personality and ease of working together.

2) Go online and research the DJs suggested by friends or colleagues. Read through reviews, services, prices and specialties. The more information you can find and review, the better. Pick one to three of your favorite DJs and call them, ask if they have karaoke capability. If so, set up a time to sit down and discuss your needs.

3) Discuss price, set-up, technical needs, past experiences and availability. Provide the DJ candidates with electrical outlet information for your reception facility so they know what they will be working with and if it is doable. Give the DJ a list of the songs you would like used for karaoke purposes to ensure the DJ has them and/or can get them.

4) Check with the Better Business Bureau for any information about the DJ’s past business dealings.

...7b wedding5) Determine which karaoke DJ you would like to hire for your wedding. Call and schedule the date with the DJ. Put down a deposit for pending services, likely with a credit card or check.

6) Two weeks prior to the wedding, check in with your hired DJ to update any info or karaoke song lists that you believe are crucial to your wedding reception success.

7) During this conversation, ask the DJ what he or she recommends for songs, games or other crowd-pleasing activities. Decide together where to fit those into the reception.

8) With the help of your DJ, create a timeline for when the first dance should begin and when subsequent activities should happen.

9) Designate someone, possibly the father of the groom or the best man, to pay the DJ the balance at some point before or after the reception. A check is the best option as it can be tracked and does not require a credit card machine to complete payment.

10) Read more: How to Hire a Karaoke DJ for a Wedding |

End – By Raleigh Hansman, eHow Contributor


How to Become a Karaoke DJ

Get your unique groove on and perform live to become a karaoke DJ. You might not make a ton of money but you have the opportunity to make a lot of ne...63 imagesw friends that appreciate your localized stylings.

1)  Attend local clubs that often feature a karaoke DJ. Besides being a good time, this gives you a chance to study other DJs to see how they perform.

2)  Talk to the other DJs to see how to become one yourself. Because these are normally amateur performers, they are normally more than happy to talk to you one on one about how to become a karaoke DJ.

3)  Participate in karaoke yourself when you have the chance. Being comfortable up on the stage prepares you for a more centralized role when you have to chance to perform.

4)  Listen to a wide variety of songs so that you can get a feel for the different kinds of moods that can be created through a certain playlist. Become a karaoke DJ and understand the importance of pleasing the crowd and keeping them happy.

...49 songbook sweetie5)  Be responsive to what the crowd wants to hear. Remember that you are there as part of the entertainment, not to simply force your musical taste onto other people.

6)  Have fun and be friendly to all the karaoke participants. The energy and satisfaction you get from being a DJ should translate into audience appreciation and an invitation to return in your entertainment role.

By an eHow Contributor
Read more: How to Become a Karaoke DJ |


How to Start a Karaoke DJ Business

By Christine Durham...18 images

Would you like to karaoke every night, or at least several times per week?

Do you enjoy being the one working the karaoke machine?

Has your entrepreneurial spirit led you to look for a fun business?

If you answered these questions with a resounding “YES!” then becoming a karaoke DJ may be just the thing you have been searching for! Getting started as a karaoke DJ may be easier than you think, too!

What exactly is involved in starting your own karaoke DJ business?

Most importantly, you need some good quality equipment: a professional level karaoke machine, microphones, speakers, a monitor for the lyrics, a large karaoke music library, speaker stands, and cords.Nagoya023

Some clubs have their own speaker system you can plug into. A lot of them now have large television screens, too, so if you have a karaoke machine which utilizes a television to display the lyrics, you don’t have to provide the monitor. So in some locations you can get away without bringing the speakers, speaker stands, or the monitor, but very few clubs provide their own karaoke machine or their own karaoke music.

If you would like to cut down on your expenses, and on the amount of equipment you need to haul in and set up at each gig.

What else do you need besides your karaoke machine to start your business?

A dynamic personality to cheer on the crowd and get them going is a big plus! Also, a good singing voice is an asset, because sometimes it’s YOU who sings the first karaoke song!Bak Kar buss card #3 505x893

You also need business cards with your contact information to help market your business. To get the business started, you want to talk to every club owner you can reach. Places like bowling alleys are also starting to catch the Karaoke bug, and often enjoy setting up one night a week as Karaoke Night. New retail businesses may want to host a Karaoke Night to start bringing in their customers. Radio stations are candidates, since they host promotional events all the time.

Locate your local wedding planners, event planners, party planners. Leave your cards with caterers, florists, wedding photographers, video photographers. Even your local churches and school districts may enjoy having a Karaoke Night fundraiser. Party supply houses might let you leave a stack of business cards at their registers. The supply of new leads for your Karaoke DJ business is endless. Everyone loves a good Karaoke Party!

And last, but not least, you can always run the ad: Have Karaoke Machine. Will Travel.

...20 imagesSo with a little guts, a little gusto, and a karaoke machine, you can soon be on your way to Karaoke DJ happiness!

Christine Durham is the founder of The SongStation Studios. –

About Christine Durham

My name is Christine Durham and I’m the founder of The SongStation Studios and a karaoke “junkie” too. (thats what my friends call me..) I’ve been singing semi-professionally for over 12 years.

Being a single mom has its pros and cons and it was tough in the initial stage. However, my dreams of becoming a professional singer never faltered. Now that my son is no longer a little baby, I pursuing my dreams once again.

I was one of the hopefuls who took part in American Idol 4. Sadly, I was never selected but I’ll definitely try again if the opportunity presents itself.

Till then, enjoy your singing and never ever give up your dreams..

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How to Throw a Karaoke Party

Entertaining in your own home can be incredibly fun and challenging at the same time. It is your responsibility that all of your guests enjoy themselves while you make them feel as comfortable as possible. Throwing a karaoke party takes things to the next level.

...64a images

With the right mood and atmosphere you can have a great party that people will remember for weeks. It might take a little bit of planning to pull off the perfect karaoke party, but it will be worth the effort. A home karaoke party can be just as fun as going out to a karaoke bar. In fact, it can be even better since you don’t have to deal with strangers and line-ups. It might take some effort, but if you are interested in having a great karaoke party then here are some handy tips.

1. Guess list – this is one of the most important things for having a fun karaoke party. You need to have the right mix of people who are going to blend well together. The great thing about karaoke is that it can bring together different personality types. So that means you can have shy people mixed in with gregarious ones. Try to have people who will want to sing in addition to those who are happy to sit on the couch and watch. You can also sprinkle in people with different musical tastes to get some variety for the night.

2. Invitations – one advantage of sending out formal invitations is that you can make it clear it will be a karaoke party. If you are throwing a karaoke party you always want your guests to know beforehand. This will give them a chance to prepare and maybe even bring along their own CDs. If you don’t warn anyone, there might be a chance people feel trapped by the situation. Also make it clear that singing will be entirely optional to put shyer people at ease.

3. The karaoke machine – you’re going to want a good machine that can accommodate a group of people. Basically you need something that will produce enough sound to fill the room. A portable or children’s karaoke machine simply won’t do for an adult party. You’ll need a good karaoke system that you can hook to your television so everyone can see the lyrics on display. If you are able to connect to a larger sound system, that will make the experience even better.

4. Two karaoke microphones – one of the best parts about throwing a karaoke party is having the chance to sing duets and group songs. This means that you will have to have at least two karaoke microphones. Most machines come with one microphone included already so you will have to buy one more....31bc images

5. The music – there are plenty of great karaoke CDs that are compilations of fun party songs. One are two of these CDs will probably last you for the night. But if you want to increase your musical library you can consider asking your friends to bring along their favourite CDs as well. Try to have a healthy mix of classical and popular songs so that everyone has a choice that they like.

6. Decorations or theme – if you want to take your karaoke party to the next level you should make sure to decorate the room. Even something as simple as balloons can create the right atmosphere. Or you can be a little bit more elaborate and decide on a theme for the night. You can decorate the karaoke room accordingly and have people dress up as well. This combination karaoke/costume party idea is fun during Halloween or any time of year.

7. Karaoke games – it’s always good to have a backup plan or an alternative to normal karaoke singing. Investigate some karaoke games that your group of friends can play together. These games can be a great way to break the ice or try something else as the night winds down. You can even put on a contest similar to American Idol if you have the time to plan properly.

8. Snacks and beverages – just like any other party it’s important to have plenty of snacks and beverages on hand. Some people even go so far as to make a bar in the corner of their karaoke room. If you are going to set up a drink station, make its easily accessible and simple for your guests to mix their own drinks. You are probably going to be busy operating the karaoke machine, so you won’t have time to make drinks for everyone. Snacks should be bite sized, and make sure to stay away from spicy or salty foods that might interfere with someone’s singing performance.


How to Add DJ Lighting to a Karaoke Machine

Nothing makes karaoke more exciting or realistic than DJ-quality lighting effects. You can add DJ lighting to your karaoke machine in two ways. You can use portable lighting that you attach around the room or you can attach permanent lights to your karaoke player’s cabinet.

American DJ H2O 250 EX – posted UTube by adjeu 87,639 views

Mobile DJ Lights

1)  Choose mobile DJ lighting to jazz up your karaoke machine. Mobile lights can be attached and removed from ceilings and walls. They work in conjunction with your karaoke machine via sound activation.

2)  Pick mobile flash-beam DJ lighting to create club quality effects. Flash-beam lighting creates a spread of simulated laser beams that move from the floor to the ceiling. You can set them on a timer or allow the sounds of the karaoke machine to activate them.

3)  Get a gobo mobile lighting unit to project messages in light on the floor. Most gobo units come with a few premade special occasion messages such as “Happy Birthday.” You can set the projection to rotate in time with whichever karaoke song is being sung.

American DJ ACCU LED movinghead -posted UTube by adjeu 370,480 views

Add Permenant DJ Lighting Fixtures to Your Karaoke Machine

1)  Attach DJ lighting directly onto your karaoke machine. Since karaoke machines are typically stand alone units, you will only be able to attach lighting to the outer case of the machine.

2)  Choose lighting that is effective when projected horizontally. Your karaoke machine will probably only have blank cabinet space for lights on its sides, which means that lights that are intended to point down will be ineffective.

Hey DJ! by GeeForce02 85,161 views(examples of many different applications.)

3)  Buy some LED color panels. These square panels feature four color segments which light up in sequence or all together. Smaller sized panels may be affixed to your karaoke machine casing.

4)  Add multistar lighting to your karaoke machine. This type of DJ lighting consists of three or four small round balls with inset blinking lights. Because they aim up rather than down, they are well suited to being attached to your karaoke cabinet.

5)  Try adding a power outlet controller to your karaoke system. With a power outlet controller, you can synchronize all of your DJ lighting effects.

Amazing Laser Show by C0MPUT3Rh4CK3R – 1,039,925 views

By an eHow Contributor


What makes a good DJ or KJ?

Over the years I have been asked a lot of questions about how to convert to a computerized DJ system, computerized ...33 imageskaraoke, and generally how to become a Karaoke Host and or DJ. While I am not an expert, I have a lot of information. I selflessly want to share it with you.

Wow. What makes a good movie? What makes a good song?

People have different tastes in what is “good.” In general, we can say a good DJ or KJ has an entertaining show, and if he or she is at a bar, gets a good crowd, which makes a lot of money for the bar.

How do you do that? I personally like to have high energy shows, where there is never dead air, people are encouraged to participate, and it just feels like something is always going on, never boring. I like to be a little vulgar, obnoxious, loud, insulting, and flirty. That may not be the best thing to bring to the old folks home, or a children’s party. It is aimed at 20 somethings.

One of the ways I make my show work is to have control of my sound and ...29a imagesequipment at all times. A Good DJ with bad equipment can become a bad DJ very quickly.

Some KJ’s use props, like funny hats, some do trivia contests, or use any other number of gimmicks and games. Generally speaking, if the people come back week after week, you are doing a good job.

Since it is related, I also want to answer the question;

“What makes a good karaoke show?”

The Host
The Song Selection
The sound

 by Dj Jaime

Karaoke with Virtual DJ Explained! – YouTube

Here is a basic demonstration on how you can use a laptop running Virtual DJ to put on a karaoke show. I am using a set of Pioneer CDJ-400s and a mixer to control the software but it isn’t necessary. Whether you are a professional KJ or just a hobbyist having fun with friends and family you can pull off a professional sounding show using VDJ. I am a DJ so I use a set of software controllers for mixing music and videos as well. If you need help ask a question in the comments area and I’ll respond.

As part of this demonstration I sing so if you can’t handle people doing karaoke on the net, fast forward it through that part! lol..